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Luo Jun

Academician of CAS

Luo Jun was born in Xiantao, Hubei Province in Nov.1956. He is an expert in gravity physics, Ph.D instructor and the Changjiang Scholar professor. In 2009, he was elected Acadmeician of CAS. In July 2010, he became the vice president of HUST and three years later the executive vice president. In 2015, he became the president of Sun Yat-Sen University.


He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the department of physics and chemistry of HUST in 1982 , his master’s degree in 1985 and his Ph.D. from the Research Institute Of Measurement & Earth Physics of CAS in 1999.


For a long time, Professor Luo has been devoted to the physical research on the precise measurement of gravitation experiments. He once conducted the precise measurement of the Newton Universal Gravitation Constant-G and the results were kept by the basic physical constant task panel of CODATA. He also conducted the experimental examination of the static mass of photonics and the results were kept by the International Particle PDG. He conducted the experimental examination of Sub-Millimeter Newton Inverse Square Law and the results were approved by his international counterparts. He also collaborated with others to conduct some basic scientific research on the experimental examination of the equivalence principle of macro rotating objects. Luo Jun is in charge of undergraduate teaching, physical education, information work, Office of Academic Affairs, Lab & Equipment Management Center, Academic Committee Office, Modern Education Technology Center, library, affiliated primary and middle schools and kindergarten.