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Ding Han

Academician of CAS

Ding Han was born in Zongyang, Anhui Province in Aug. 1963. he is a professor, Ph.D instructor, expert in mechanical electrical engineering. Currently, he is the dean of School of Mechanical Science & Engineering, director of State key laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Facility And Technology. In 2013, he was elected academician of CAS.

He graduated from Xi’an Highway Institute ( Currently Chang’an University) and obtained his bachelor’s degree in automobile manufacturing in 1982. In 1985,he obtained his master’s degree in mechanical manufacturing and automation from Wuhan Institute of Technology ( Currently Wuhan University of Technology). In 1989, he obtained his Ph.D in mechanical manufacturing & automation from Huazhong University of Technology and then remained a faculty member there. In 1993, funded by Alexander von Humboldt-stifurg, he headed for University of Stuttgart to conduct lecture research. In 1997 he was funded by National Foundation For Outstanding Young Scholars. In 2001, he was recruited as the Changjiang Scholar Professor. In 2005 and 2011, he was the top scientist of 973 program. From 2003 to 2007, he was the associate editor of IEEE automation science & engineering periodical and since 2011 the editor. He was also the technical editor of IEEE/ASME mechanical and electrical periodical.


For a long time, Professor Ding has been devoted to the research on the theory and technology of digital manufacturing. His research achievements won wide application in areas like aerospace, energy and automobile. He published 3 textbooks , nearly 150 SCI papers. He was awarded 1 national second prize for natural science, 2 national second prize and 1 national third prize for science & technology progress.