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Cui Kun

Academician of CAS

Cui Kun was born Jinan, Shandong Province in 1925. He is a professor and Ph.D instructor . Currently he is a member of HUST academic committee. He was once honored the title of winner of The National May 1 Labor Medal and national excellent education worker. In 1997, he was elected academician of CAE.

Professor Cui graduated from the mechanical department of Wuhan University in 1948 and continued his post graduate study in Harbin Institute of Technology from 1951 to 1954. In 1985, he furthered his studies in Moscow Institute of Steel. He was successively the director of the metallic material teaching and research office of the mechanical engineering second department of Huazhong Institute of Tecnology, the director of mechanical engineering second department, member of the review group of national invention award review committee and member of the discipline review group of national natural science foundation committee. He has been devoted to the research on the alloying of high-performance new die material steel, high-performace Ti(C,N) basic metallic ceramics, basic theory of laser melting covering, he successively undertook more than 20 provincial and ministerial projects such national technology development and national natural science foundation. More than half of the national newly promulgated alloy steels were invented by him.


He creatively researched and developed a series of new die steels, the performance of which reaches the international advanced level, creating a economic benefit of over 200 million Yuan and thus making great contributions to the new-type steel development of China. These high- performance die steels have been listed in the national major promoted project of science and technology achievements of the eighth 5-year and ninth 5-year plan of national science & technology committee, 2 of which have been listed in GB 1299-85. His research achievements were awarded 15 provincial and ministerial prizes ,1 national second and 1 national third and 1 national fourth prize for invention ( all as the first inventor). He published nearly 250 papers in home and abroad academic journals.