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Pan Yuan

Academician of CAS

Pan Yuan was born in Yichang, Hubei Province in 1933. He is a professor, Ph.D instructor and party member of CPC. He is an expert in magnetic confinement fusion technology, high-power pulse electrical source technology and a member of the Chinese Expert Committee of ITER. In 1997, he was elected academician of CAE.


He graduated form the electrical power department of Huazhong Institute of Technology. He successively worked in the Institute of atomic energy, Southwest Institute of Physics, Plasma Physics Institute of CAS.


He is one of the major members who took the lead in conducting fusion research as well as the main pioneers of China’s magnetic confinement fusion and large pulse electrical source technology. He presided over and participated in presiding over the research and development of three sets of fusion facilities and the upgrading restructuring of another facility. He was in charge of the engineering plan design in the R&D of HL 1. After the project’s establishment, he was then in charge of the overall electromagnetic engineering, pulsed power source and overall control system, innovatively overcoming many major technological problems. He also succeeded in applying fusion technology to the development of national economy and defense with multiple achievements, among which the large generator zinc oxide electric resistance deexcitation has been widely applied in electrical industries. He has also made periodical progress in electromagnetic gun, compensated pulse generator etc. Currently, he is devoted to the research on superconducting power, pulsed power and plasma. He was awarded 1 national first prize, 2 ministerial first prizes, 1 ministerial second prize and 5 ministerial third prizes. He has 7 patents and was awarded 1 national prize for excellent patent.