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Academician of CAS

Zhou Ji was born in Shanghai in Aug, 1946. Currently he is a professor, Ph.D instructor, party member of CPC and deputy to National People’s Congress. In 1999, he was elected academician of CAE. After his graduation from Tsinghua University in 1970, he headed for Xingjiang to work. In 1978 he was enrolled in the graduate program of Huazhong Institute of Technology. From 1980-1984 he continued his study in the State University of New York and there he obtained his master’s degree and Ph.D. He was once the president of Huazhong University of Science & Technology, member of Hubei Provincial Standing committee and director of science & Technology department of Hubei Province, mayor of Wuhan municipality, minister of Ministry of Education, secretary of the CPC Leadership Group. Currently, he is the dean and secretary of the party leadership group of CAE.


For a long time, Professor Zhou has been devoted to the research and engineering application of optimial design, CAD, numerical control and CIM Technology with innovative achievements and prominent application effects. He was successively awarded 4 national third prizes for science & technology progress, 14 provincial and ministerial prize for science & technology progress. He published 11 books and around 200 papers. He put forward and experimented the technological route of promoting CAD/CAM as well as the monotonicity analysis optimization and direct interpolation of numerical control. He presided over and developed a series of software products such as optimal  design and mechanical CAD as well as the Huazhong I numerical control system, which was applied in about 1000 industrial enterprises ,generated a turnover of 100 million Yuan and brought great economic and social benefits. For a long time, Professor Zhou has been devoted to the teaching of mechanical design and the training of graduate students, undertaking a large amount of work for the continual education and technical training of professionals. Due to the outstanding achievements of CIMS Center of Huazhong University of Technology, International Association of Manufacturing Engineers, through strict test and selection, awarded the “pioneering university prize ” to Huazhong University of Technology in 1999.