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Fan Mingwu

Academician of CAS

Fan Mingwu was born in Shashi, Hubei Province in July 1943. He is a professor, Ph.D instructor, party member of CPC and the representative of the 15th National Congress of the CPC. He is a famous expert in cyclotron and magnet theory & engineering as well as a national young expert with outstanding contribution. In 1999, he was elected academician of CAE.


Professor Fan graduated from the department of electrical manufacturing of Huazhong Institute of Technology in 1965. And the same year, he was allocated to Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy where he conducted the research on cyclotron. For many times, he was invited to work in the famous institutes of America, Great Britain and France to conduct research on the related technologies of particle accelerator and electrical physics facility. He was once the dean of Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy. In 1996, he was honored the excellent administrative official. In 1997, he became the representative of the 15th National Congress of CPC. From early 2001 to early 2005, he was the president of Huazhong University of Science & Technology. In his research, development and improvement of cyclotron, he developed the cyclotron theory and its main technologies. In the R&D of 30 MeV intense beam proton cyclotron, he solved the problem of the critical facility technology, making this cyclotron reach the internationally advanced level in 1990s. the computing result of magnetic field was transferred abroad with remuneration. This cyclotron was voted to be one of the major 10 scientific and technological events in 1996 by academicians of CAS & CAE. This event put an end to the situation that China failed to use accelerator to manufacture radioactive isotope in a large scale and marked that China made new strides in the R & D ability of cyclotron. He was awarded national prize for science and technology progress twice and provincial one 10 times. He also published nearly 70 papers and 2 works.


Since 1983, he has undertaken important positions in various academic organizations:  member of international steering committee Of The 8th And 9th International Conference On Electromagnetic Field Computation, director of International COMPUMAG Society,director of the Chinese Liaison Office Of International Conference On Electromagnetic Field Computation, member and vice director of the theoretical electro technical special committee Of China Electrotechnical Society, member of special committee of Computer Application, vice director-general of Chinese Particle Accelerator Society, member of the academic committee of The National Laboratory For The Positive And Negative Particle Collider, member of the academic committee of The National Laboratory For Heavy Particle Accelerator in Lanzhou, member of the expert advisory committee of Commission of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense, member of State Council degree committee , president of Hubei Hubei Association For Science And Technology.