People Highlighted

Paulo Cesar de Morais

Foreign Experts

Scholar of One-Thousand-Talent Program for Foreign Experts

Professor of School of Automation, HUST (Sep.2012 - Sep.2015)

Emeritus Professor of Universidade de Brasília;

Chief scientist of Brazilian BNN;

Chief nanotechnology scientist of China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee;


Prof. Paulo Cesar de Morais and his research team focus mainly on nanomagnetic physics, nanotoxicity and nanosynthesis. The team explored an international edge-cutting discipline branch with great demand-ultrahigh resolution nanomagnetic temperature imaging. The team pioneered in creating a frontier research direction with a very promising application prospect-nanomagnetic temperature imaging, taking the lead in some areas.


In 2014, the team published one paper in the Scientific Reports of Nature and totally 10 in top international journals. Late 2015 another Scientific Reports of Nature was accepted for publication opening up a new direction for research.


Totally 5 million RMB funding from various sources were applied in the past five years. The research team won Hubei Natural Science First Prize for Technological Invention.


Prof. Morais has instructed 5 doctoral students, one of whom has won the Humboldt research fellowship for postdoctorates in University of Göttingen and Technical University of Braunschweig.


Morais also pushed his team to an international stage by participating in the FP7 Framework Programme for Research of EU with partners from Spain, Poland, Germany, and Finland. Four doctoral students have already finished their short-term research in CIC research center in San Sebastian-Spain.