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Robet Gilbert

Foreign Experts

Scholar of One-Thousand-Talent Program for Foreign Experts

Professor of School of Pharmacy, HUST ( Aug, 2013 -Aug,2015)

Pofessor of The University of Queensland

Fellow of Australian Academy of Science(AAS)

Fellow of Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI),.


During his working period in HUST, more than 40 SCI papers with HUST as the first address has been published, His research shows the relation between the molecular structure of glycogen and diabetes, which has provided the basic theory and drug target for preventing and curing diabetes.


Gilbert has also conducted researches on the investigating structure and functional properties of polysaccharide such as starch, providing theoretical and technological support for the production of starch-containing food and the improvement of Chinese food safety and nutritional status quo.


In the past three years, Professor Gilbert has lectured 4 courses in School of Pharmacy in which he introduced the western teaching ways to encourage students to think and solve scientific problems independently. He has instructed 2 post doctorate and 3 master students in School of Pharmacy. He also directly instructed nearly 40 Chinese and foreign visit scholars.


Professor Gilbert set up the Research Center of Polysaccharide and Glycogen in School of Pharmacy, HUST with the main research focusing on the hierarchical structure of Polysaccharide and glycogen.


Gilbert has established collaborations with around 10 domestic universities and research institutes including Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology, Yangzhou University etc.


In the past three years Gilbert has made great effort to introduce HUST into the international circle of pharmacy research by inviting famous scholar to HUST and organizing international conference in Wuhan. In 2013, an international forum on Crop structure, Function and Inheritance relation had been held in the Biolake, Wuhan, as a division conference of the AACCI, many well-known experts and scholars from US, Australia and Sweden were attended.


In the interviews by CCTV, CRI and People’s Daily, Gilbert commented that HUST is a university with international standard. He was also invited to attend the Chinese New Year Forum held by Premier Li Keqiang as a HUST professor.


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