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Akasaka Takeshi

Foreign Experts

Scholar of One-Thousand-Talent Program for Foreign Experts

Professor in Chemistry,School of Material Science and Engineering, HUST;

Emeritus Professor in University of Tsukuba,Japan


Prof. Akasaka Takeshi is a scientist enjoying great prestige in the circle of international carbon material research. From Apr,2013 to Dec,2015, he worked as a full professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering.


Takeshi Akasaka has devoted himself to the research on new carbon materials and brought the advanced international academic research ideas and academic development frontier to his colleagues and students in HUST.


As an internationally-recognized expert in his research field, Prof. Akasaka Takeshi has lectured for many times focusing on the development and application of carbon material. His lectures greatly enriched the audience’ knowledge system and broadened their horizons.


During his tenure in HUST, Professor Akasaka Takeshi has published about 10 papers affiliated to HUST, 8 of which are published in top international journals with an IF over 10.


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