People Highlighted

Valeriy Savelyev

Foreign Experts

Scholar of One-Hundred-Talent Program for Foreign Experts of Hubei Province;

Professor in School of Life Science & Technology, HUST;

Professor of Russian National Institute of Atom;

Chief scientist of Russian Academy of Science;

Guest scientist of Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron(DESY);

Guest scientist of Fermilab


The Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) is a novel semiconductor photodetector boasting many excellent performances including high detection efficiency, fast timing response, low energy consumption and magnetic field compatibility. As a new technology, SiPM has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional PMT and APD. This opened the way of its successful application in high energy physics, medical imaging, precise analysis, homeland security and many other areas.


During his tenure, Prof. Valeriy and his Chinese colleagues focus on SiPM core design technology in the CMOS process and the digitalization of SiPM. The team has systematically finished the construction of the experiment measurement platform of SiPM’s performance test and the obtaining of related experimental data, including hardware measurement platform and optical measurement platform in 1k cleanroom. They already made the strong combination of SiPM and digital PET technology and achieved breakthroughs in top medical imaging equipment.