HUST Win Prizes in China Educational Robot Contest

November 25, 2016


From 12th to 13th November, the national finals of The Sixth China Educational Robot Contest, 2016 were held in HUST. Two HUST teams took part in the contest of creative group and won the First Prize and Second Prize respectively. The entries of the teams are focused on housekeeping service robots for the group with mobility problems and underground parking track record system based on inertial navigation respectively.

Initiated in 2011, China Educational Robot Contest was co-launched by Shenzhen CAS Open Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, CAAI and Shenzhen Robotics Association, having been held successfully in many universities and colleges including Shenzhen University, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Hunan University and Southeast University etc. China Educational Robot Contest this year has attracted positive response and numerous participants involving 304 teams from nearly 100 universities and colleges from across the country, which breaks the record considering its scale of nearly 1,000 participants.

The national finals of the Contest contain 13 major projects and 26 sections, covering wide range of students and plenty of fantastic items such as LEGO contest in primary school section and educational fire-fighting robot contest in secondary school section, as well as educational robot intelligent transportation contest and educational robot challenge competition in college section etc.



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