Dress Up for Internet Plus

October 18, 2016

Recently, HUST has well-decorated for the coming national finals of the 2nd China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Competitors across the country will gather here for the important national competition.

At the Main South Gate, where lies the emotional sustenance of every HUSTer, a main publicity wall which is 3.5m high and  15m long as well as plenty of banners alongside the road is newly established.

Also the campus sees promotional banners and posters publicizing Internet Plus Competition alongside the main streets, in addition to the mascot named Jiajia EVERYWHERE!

A publicity wall of Internet Plus Competition is set in front of the library, embracing the competition and the era of Internet Plus.

West No.12 Teaching Building, whose capacity reaches 18,000 people,  acquires a completely new outlook to welcome the event.

The Optics Vally Gymnasium, the largest one in HUST, presents as the main venue of this competition. All security check channels and the arches over the gateway are put into place, preparing for the Internet Plus Competition. 

The main entrance of the venue is well-decorated by the arches over the gateway, the thematic publicity walls, the three-dimensional logo and mascot as well as the innovation & entrepreneurship mentor wall.

Set off by red walls and verdant trees, the scenery around History Museum appears to be more stunning.


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