【Internet Plus】College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition Ended

October 19, 2016

Being a part of the national finals of the 2nd China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the exhibition of National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship was held in West No.12 Teaching Building during October13rd and 15th.

The exhibition included all the entries of the competitors for the competition of the “Internet Plus”, the exhibition of the works of National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship in each province and consultations for related policies, etc.

On the morning of the October 13rd, after the defense for the competition of gold award, the Mo Chou Travel Assistant Group, which came from Macao Polytechnic Institute, went to the first floor for a visit under the lead of professor Deng, the guidance counselor. “Although there has been communications between the two universities, they still found that there are many differences between the mainland and Macao,” said professor Deng, “for example, Google is popular as a research engine in Macao, but not in the Mainland”. The mainland groups have impressed them with advanced technology, which enable them to have a more direct experience about college student innovation and entrepreneurship in the Mainland.

Many students would go straight to the display panels concerned with their hometowns. Qiu Tongting, who came from Shaanxi Province, was no exception. As the 14th grade student majoring in Sociology, she said, “people are trying to make some programs understandable, however, as a student of liberal arts, I still found it hard to understand”. When it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, she expressed her own thoughts: “some fancy ideas always creep up in my mind, but none is mature or systematic. After looking at the outcomes in the display panel, it suddenly dawned on me that innovation stems from our fancy and trivial thoughts in our life”.

The exhibition also attracted many international students. By 4 pm, October 15th, there were already hundreds of signatures on the signature wall. 

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