【Internet Plus】JIMU: The Dedication and Pursuit of the Vehicle Networking

November 3, 2016

It was a very rainy and windy night. Something with a “mouse” shape on the windshield of the car was shooting road conditions. With blurred vision, the driver did not notice an electric vehicle which came galloping towards his car. Just then, the "screen" in front of the driver reminded him to brake in time and luckily avoided a traffic accident.

In fact, the “mouse” and the “screen” are the second-generation products of ADAS (Advanced Driving Auxiliary System) researched by the Wuhan JIMU Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. which was established by the team of Cheng Jianwei, a Ph.D of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

Six years ago, a group of ambitious and creative young men met in HUST. They first found that ADAS represented the future development trend of automobile transportation in 2011, as Cheng Jianwei told us. First, it can effectively reduce the traffic accident rate; second, ADAS forms the basic technology of automatic driving in future. At present, there still exists no domestic company investing heavily in the R & D and marketing of ADAS system. Along with his classmates, he thus established the Wuhan JIMU Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, running towards their dream with heart and soul.

For the final——to Strive for Excellent Performance

On October 12th, Cheng Jianwei and his team made their last rehearsal defense for the final presentation in a meeting room at the School of Economics, “Display within 8 minutes and 34 seconds”——the team member responsible for the timing would call time. The presentation in the final was the excellent works giving full expression to the devotion and coordination among the car networking team and their instructors in this period of time. On the eve of the final, teachers and students were still in exchanges and discussions so as to put forward proposals for further improvement. For example, some jarring color on the PPT photos was required to revise again and again.

After winning the gold medal in the provincial match, the whole team, entitled to compete in the national championship, regarded the competition as its core task during that period. They started to prepare for the final in September and had not yet been at ease until the eve of the contest.

Because there were some formats and writing skills in the original proposal not applicable to the game, the whole team unanimously decided to rewrite the plan. From September 8th to 15th, they fulfill this task within just one week. Luo Yiyang the liason person pointed out that, “As the game is quite different from the actual operation, the competition effect to be presented to the judges must beyond our own satisfaction and expectation.” “The highlight of the whole rewritten plan rested on the enhancement of logic, for we modified the proposal from the overall to details and then to the special. Thus, the choice of words in each title and logical conjunctions in the content should be taken into full consideration.”

In the course of rewriting plan, Luo Yiyang was mainly responsible for assembling the material and submitting it to the School of Economics, and then the two sides discussed and rectified. “We are in pursuit of efficiency. The division of labor between the School of Optical and Electronic Information and the School of Economics had been conducted well all along.We Optoelectronics provided the material and then the material was edited into the form of competition proposal by the School of Economics. According to the assignment, we offered summary and feedback on what we had done regularly and on time. The pleasant cooperation between our partners and us enabled everyone to play its own role and ensured the completion of the plan in such urgent time.”

Three Days and Nights­——Craze and Passion for the Final

The few days before the game, the whole team overwhelmed by the heavy task worked round the clock. “The PPT is discussed and rectified by our team everyday”. However, the worst case was still to come when they were participating in the final with full confidence.

On the day of the contest, the JIMU team was the seventh to defend their proposal. After the grades came out, their team turned out to rank No.3 among their group. After them, there were five teams to make their defense, including a competitive team. However, only the first three teams would be awarded the gold medal. Luo Yiyang recalled: "I believed that our team had performed well enough at that time and expected that there was no team to surpass us by over 1point. The result beyond our expectation disappointed us. We are anxious that the scores of the latter teams would exceed us and a miracle could only be created in the resurrection competition. So nervous we are!” Later, their team was waiting for the final rankings, and until they knew that the score of the last team was not as good as that of their team, they finally breathed a sigh of relief “That morning, although we just made a defense, but all people felt so tired, possibly only for our heart exhausted." Luo Yiyang recalled.

According to Luo Yiyang, the entire team began to struggle hard from July to August: At 11:30 pm on the previous night, a frequently flash by the message icon on screen of the smartphone informs us of our tomorrow’ s task; Then at 8:00 am on the next day, all team members soon get into the groove. “We only slept 4 or 5 hours every day with enthusiasm.”  Each day, from the morning into the midnight, witnessed a new and moving record created by them.

The Innovative Spirit of Husters——Dedication to Technology

A majority of the car networking team members are graduates who have been in HUST for seven or eight years. Among them, the youngest also have attended HUST for over five years,the philosophy of innovation has been part of their life.

The team once gave their self-evaluation as tough and practical. The dedicated and practical quality of science and engineering and the lofty ideals and firm belief for scientific research served as a staunch spirit force for the technology-oriented team. Therefore, they settle down to work on technology rather than endeavor to catch the public eyes. They introduced their products in a calm and thorough manner during their defense while sat quietly in front of their desk in their office in everyday life. The placid and gentle demeanor of each player and the serious and solemn look on the group photo can best explain their team spirit.

“We achieved steady growth with resolution, which not only represents our determination for the game, but also the commitment to a bright prospect of our firm. That spirit was involved in the whole process from the establishment of our enterprise to the launch of our products. ”Cheng Jianwei said in an interview over the company's name as "JIMU”——As a line of Chairman Mao“ A overlook up to the sky of Chu broadens my vision and enhances my ambition”. It signifies that camera can reach far and displays the ultimate pursuit of technology. With regards to the two listed products, namely “JIMU Qixing” and “JIMU Zhixing”, Cheng Jianwei said confidently and firmly, “Our products occupy a leading place for its specialization, a better cost control as well as superior user experience in the domestic enterprises.”

JIMU——to Ensure Safe Transportation with an Intellectual Eye

ADAS system enjoys a broad prospect of development in China. Cheng Weijian believes that it will increasingly take a larger market share. Eventually it will evolve from a "post installation" to the "front one" and then to the automatic driving. "We are working together to protect the human beings from less traffic casualties," he explained the core concept of their entrepreneurial project.

For Six years, the entrepreneurial team, which attaches great importance to technology, was challenged by technical breakthrough tremendously. With the extensive application of ADAS, it will be transformed into the data center of the car networking, facilitating them to achieve the goal of automatic driving, and finally realize the social value - sharing security and common convenience.

For the next step, the inspection accuracy is crucial to the product exploration. Then the reduce of the cost. Cheng Jianwei said that the smartphone industry boomed with the fertile soil of business model in the Internet era of innovation on data. It is valuable to attract our eyes in the future. Therefore, we will promote instead of demoting the development of mobile phone clients in order to further enhance the users’ experience and communication. All those things will make more people benefit from the intellectual transportation and safe transportation.

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