HUST Student Won First Prize of Ocean Engineering Designing Competition

September 18, 2016


On September 3rd, the 6th Ocean Engineering Designing Competition hosted by the Teaching Instruction Commission of the Ocean Engineering Major of the Ministry of Education for Top Universities was held in Tianjin University. 21 participating works from 15 Universities such as HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tianjin University and Ocean University of China and so on have been competing fiercely. At last, the team from Ocean Engineering College of HUST won the first prize, which is also the highest honor of this competition.

The instructor of the winning team is Mr. Sun Jianglong from the Ocean Engineering College, and the team members are 3 senior students from the same college -- Benxiao Huang, Chaolong Ma and Cheng Zhong. The entry that took the crown is called “Resistance Numerical Atlas and Propeller Design Software Design ”. This digitizes many kinds of propeller atlas and resistance atlas, which is able to solve the problem of low efficiency of manual searching during the traditional progress of forecasting resistance and designing propeller; at the same time, it highly integrates the designing process of the propeller, and then, after being inserted into the 2D and 3D software, this can also help to choose the best propeller and to build up the propeller model at the same time, setting a solid foundation for latter scientific research and manufacturing work. Today, this design has already finished the data measurement and improvement of selecting models of the Sunbird Company’s fold-line yacht to achieve the commercialization of the software. 

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