Prof. Viswanathan Kumar Honored as HUST Advisory Professor

September 20, 2016


In the afternoon of Sep. 8th, Prof. Viswanathan Kumar from the Business School of Georgia State University was honored as HUST Advisory Professor in the meeting room 411 of College of Management. HUST Vice President Prof. Chen Jianguo attended the awarding ceremony.

Prof. Chen Jianguo pointed out that the rapid development of Chinese market for management and business would attract more talent people here. He expressed his appreciation to Professor Kumar for his support to HUST College of Management.

Prof. Yang Zhi the Vice Director of Schoolof Management, introduced Professor Kumar’s work as a Changjiang Scholar, prasing the latter for his contribution to talents training, discipline construction and international communication.

Professor Viswanathan Kumar said that he has learned very much after becoming a Chair Professor of Changjiang Scholar in HUST, and was very honored to be hired as a advisory professor.

Viswanathan Kumar’s profile:

Viswanathan Kumar is from the Business School of Georgia State University, and he is the outstanding chair professor of “Richard and Susan Leini”; director of the center of brand and customer management; doctoral supervisor. He is the Top Five Scholars in the field of marketing all over the world (AMA Doc Sig, 2012), and the vice president of The American Academic Committee of Marketing Science; the editor-in-chief of the top journal, Journal of Marketing and subeditor of 12 other international authorative journals. What is more, his salary of 700,000 dollar a year becomes the highest in the US.

In the recent ten years, he has published more than 40 papers in top journals of business and management (U.T. Dallas 24), thus keeping the record of most published papers in the top four marketing journals. He is the only scholar to receive the all eight Lifetime Achievement Award of marketing in America. His book Customer Relationship Management: Theory, Model and Tool is the most popular textbook about customer relationship management used in American business schools, it has published more than 100,000 copies and the book has been translated into five languages.

Professor Kumar has offered service for world-class enterprises like Coco Cola, P&G, AT&T and so on, his “CLV” (Customer Lifetime Value) model and software are now the most popular customer relationship management software which created the value of more than 10,000,000,000 dollar.

Professor Kumar was hired as a HUST Chair Professor of Changjiang Scholar in 2014.


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