Sun Qiuyun: Sex Imbalance and Vietnam Brides in China

October 9, 2016


At 7:00 pm on September 27th, Sun Qiuyun, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) as well as director of Chinese Sociological Association, was invited to give a lecture on the sex imbalance and the problems of Vietnam brides in China to HUST students.

 “Demographically the sex balance is defined by the number of males per 100 females. According to the Sixth National Population Census, the male to female ratio of unmarried population who were born in 1980s was 136:100, and that of those who were born in 1970s reached 206:100,” said Sun Qiuyun in his lecture, in which he introduced the definition of sex ratio and revealed the shocking imbalance of the sex ratio in China through concrete data.

Sun attributed the causes of the situation to the preference for sons, the birth control policy and the abortion of baby girls. He further predicted that the sex imbalance in China would grow deteriorate, which would provide an unexpected social foundation for the massive occurrence of Vietnam brides in China.

 “In 2010, there were 47,000 registered Vietnam brides in China; while in 2011, according to the statistics provided by Guangxi Public Security Department, there were more than 65,000 unregistered Vietnam brides in China,” said Sun.In China’s mountainous areas, the Vietnam brides have lots of problems in their life, such as unregistered marriages (which is illegal in China), giving unscheduled births and weak risk-prevention capacity in marriage.

Integrating into China and the family is the common pursuit of many Vietnam brides, although over 100,000 Vietnam brides cannot get the green card in five years after their marriages. Sun found that some local governments have already taken measures to solve the problem. For example, the Department of Civil Affairs of Hubei Province has published related laws, regulations and relevant provisions of mixed marriage and established “Home of Vietnamese”. But he stressed that as institutional barriers and sloth administration still exist, the process for Vietnam brides who have lived in China over five years to get green card is still hindered.

Sun thinks that marriage is a basic demand for human beings. At present there are over 30 million males of marriageable age, Sun appeals to the government that to help Vietnam brides solve their problems.


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