Luo Xiaobing Published Paper on Progress in Energy and Combustion Science

June 15, 2016

On June 8th, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science published a paper titled Heat and Fluid Flow in High-power LED Packaging and Applications, with Prof. Luo Xiaobing from the School of Energy and Power Engineering as the first and corresponding author.

The paper explored and summarized the heat generation mechanism and thermal management technology as well as the fluid flow mechanism and control during the process of phosphor gel coating (a typical packaging process); it also reviewed a range of science and technological problems remained to be explored while pointing out the focus and method for future researches. It’s said that since accumulated heat and phosphor coating largely impact the reliability and longevity of LEDs, the paper will significantly facilitate LED packaging and application technologies.

Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, one of the most influential international periodical in Energy and interdisciplinary sciences, is dedicated to publishing review papers in the field of Energy. The periodical, which is not accessible to freelance papers, consists of papers written by influential scholars at the invitation of the periodical’s editor, with no more than 30 papers published annually. The journal’s impact factor in 2015 was 19.22, with an average impact factor of 21.043 for the last 5 years. Since its inauguration in 1997, the journal has published 29 papers with Chinese research institutions as corresponding authors (including one paper from Taiwan, China).


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