HUST Sign Cooperation Agreement with University of Bordeaux

June 27, 2016

On the morning of June 15th ,.Vice President Prof. Chen Jianguo met with the delegation led by Prof. Vincent Dousset, vice president of the University of Bordeaux, France. A framework agreement and student exchange program agreement between HUST and the University of Bordeaux were signed. Mr. Philippe MAURIN, attaché in Science and Technology Department, Consulate General of France in Wuhan, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Prof. Chen Jianguo and Prof. Vincent Dousset discussed about the development of the comprehensive partnership and promotion of cooperation in the fields of Optical and Electronic Information and Medicine between the two universities. Both parties reached a consensus that two universities, as mergers of colleges and universities, shared comparable academic background, i.e., disciplinary framework and preponderant disciplines, in addition to similar development vision and the goal of internationalization; there would be tremendous potential in developing cooperation between the Optoelectronics Research Cluster in Bordeaux and Optical and Electronic Information in HUST, as well as in the sphere of Medicine. Both sides would fully utilize resources offered by EU, Chinese and French governments, positively promote cooperative activities such as short-and-medium term scholar exchanges and scientific research team, and enhance comprehensive partnership including teaching and scientific research.

Furthermore, detailed discussions about the establishment of Confucius Institute in the University of Bordeaux were conducted. Chen Jianguo remarked that as the key universities in two countries, HUST and the University of Bordeaux play an important role not only in teaching and scientific research, but also in bilateral language and cultural exchanges. Besides, Bordeaux and Wuhan are sister cities, and Aquitaine and Hubei Province are sister provinces. To establish Confucius Institute is an important measure to facilitate language and cultural exchanges, as well as the close political and economic cooperation between the local regions. Prof. Dousset expressed that the University of Bordeaux will actively find support from local governments and speed up the application and preparatory work for establishing Confucius Institute.

As an international university, the University of Bordeaux, multidisciplinary and research-focused, has prestigious academic strength in the fields of Optical and Electronic Information, Neurosciences and Medical Science etc. On January1st, 2014, merged from Université Bordeaux 1, Université Bordeaux Segalen, Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, the new University of Bordeaux becomes the third largest union university in France.



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