Painting Chinese Philosophy on the Cover of GEOLOGY

September 1, 2016

Duan Hewei, a graduate student from the School of Humanities in HUST enjoys drawing in her spare time. On July 25th, her artwork, Yin and Yang Philosophy in Mass Extinction and Recovery was accepted as the cover of the August issue of Geology, a famous international geologic journal. It’s the first time for Geology to choose a hand-painted picture instead of the photos of geological landscapes in the past 43 years.

According to Duan Hewei, she was enlightened by the mutual transformation and constraint theory of Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese philosophy. The cover she painted showed the magnificent circulation of catastrophe and recovery because of the interaction between the orbits of the earth and Mars in Triassic Period. The artwork not only attracted the editors of Geology, but was highly praised by Linda Hinnov, a professor from George Mason University in the U.S. as well. She said the picture was really a marvelous one.

Duan Hewai majors in literary theory, besides her professional study, she kept learning art. Last year, she published two articles[1] in Arts Power and designed the poster of the academic lecture “Atmosphere, Ocean and Geosciences” in George Mason University. According to her, different professional fields like science, humanities and arts seemed to be far from each other, but they were actually connected closely. Such an understanding was also her original motivation of painting that picture. “Also, I want to make my own contribution to popularizing Chinese culture, to offer convenience for people to know more about it.” She said.

[1] The two articles are The beauty of the Rivers and Lakes in Wuhan and Environment Protection: The Key Point of Making Wuhan a Better City

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