China Financial Research Center Inaugurated

May 27, 2016


On May,21th, China Financial Research Center of School of Economics, HUST was inaugurated and the first lecture series on the frontier of financial market development kicked off.

In order to improve the quality of financial research of HUST and highlight the major theories and problems in China’s finance, School of Economics founded the China Financial Research Center and invited Ba Shusong, chief Chinese economist of HKEX and China Banking Association as the director of the center, Ouyang Hong, assistant dean of School of Economics the executive director. Assistant dean of School of Economics Zhang Jianhua and Ba Shusong inaugurated the center. Zhang Jianhua awarded the letter of appointment to Ba Shusong. The ceremony was presided over by Ouyang Hongbin,

In his address, Zhang Jianhua expressed that China Financial Research Center, based on the Zhang Peikang Chang Institute for Development Studies, is founded on the one hand to carry forward the spirit of Zhang Peiji-to continuously provide students with frontier financial resources and on the other hand to train excellent contemporary financial professions and ultimately make due contributions to China’s financial market development.

The Lecture series on the frontier of financial market development is a high-quality serial academic activity co-hosted by Zhang Peikang Chang Institute for Development Studies Foundation, Hubei Banking Association and School of Economics, HUST under the leadership of Ba Shusong, director of Zhang Peikang Chang Institute for Development Studies Foundation.

Ba Shusong pointed out that traditional financial teaching is based on textbooks, the mature content of which usually lags behind the actually development of finance by 5 to 10 years. The initiation of this lecture series is to solve this problem by delivering the latest development of financial theories and practice to teachers and students.

Dr Chen Peng, general manager of Shenzhen Qianhai Agricultural Product Exchange Co., Ltd, was invited to be the first guest of the lecture. Based on his own experience, with the theme of “bulk commodity, spot trading and innovation”, he summarized the latest development of bulk commodity over-the-counter market, trend of domestic bulk commodity over-the-counter market, the drawbacks and solutions of China’s bulk commodity market and the innovation model exploration made by Qianhai Agricultural Product Exchange. In his lecture, he also predicted the future development trend of China’s bulk commodity trading.

In his remarks, Ba Shusong emphasized that China’s bulk commodity trading boasts great development potential. While exploring autonomous innovation in exchange, not only should we draw on the experience and model of exchanges in other countries, but also take into consideration of the general background of internationalization of RMB to actively explore the “going global” model and method of bulk commodity trading. New innovation requires new high-quality professionals. He hoped to push forward students’ enthusiasm in learning the frontier theories and practice of modern finance, improve their finance awareness, make them lay a solid foundation for being an excellent financial professional and ultimately make their due contributions to the society.





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