First Forest Art Festival of HUST Kicked off

June 3, 2016

In order to make more teachers and students feel the charm of art, HUST art Education Center held the First “Forest Art festival” in which 20 activities of various forms and contents had greatly thickened the artistic atmosphere of campus. It's introduced that this art festival consists of four themes: Modern Dance Week, Chinese Music Week, Forest Art Day and Italian Opera Week.

From May 6thto 8th, by invitation, Cao Chengyuan, honored as the father of modern dance lead the Guangdong Modern Dance Troupe to be the guest of Modern Dance Week. He introduced the idea and development of modern dance in the Boya Art Lecture-Modern Dance, the Renaissance of China. He also hosted two modern dance experience workshops to help teachers and students to feel the true emotions expressed in modern dance. Guangzhou Modern Dance Troupe performed the Metamorphosis in Light and Shade, and the classic episode of 11 original dances, indicating the development of the Troup in the past 20 years. Cao Chengyuan was also invited to participate in the dance education development seminar of research universities held by Art Education Center.


From May 14th to 16th, Art Education Center held the Chinese Music Week and invited Xi’an Taihe Ancient Music Society to perform the special concert of Chang’an Ancient music called ‘The left Music of Sui and Tang Dynasty’ so as to popularize traditional Chinese music on campus. The head of the society Jiao Jie was invited as a guest in the Boya Art Lecture where he recounted the complete and profound music theory of Chang’an Ancient Music.

May 21st is the Forest Art Day when Resonant Music and Architectural Art Salon kicked off. Li Chun, faculty in School of Architecture and Urban Planning and Mo Hong, faculty in the Art Education Center recounted the lofty, spatial and harmonious beauty of Chinese architecture and music. Wu Man, a pipa performer shared with students the idea of spreading traditional Chinese Music overseas in the lecture-The Role Traditional Chinese Music Plays in the International Music Circle.


From May 19th to 23th, various activities were held during the Italian Opera Week. In the short-term Art Course-Eight Lectures on the Western Opera, Barnaby Palmer, once the conductor of 35 operas summarized the development of opera. In the two Boya Art lectures: The Musical Beauty of Classic Operas in the Past 100 Years, From Turandot to The White-Haired Girl by Guo Hao, China National Opera House chorus head, and How to Appreciate Opera, A Case Study of G.Puccini’s Opera by Barnaby helped students and teachers have a better appreciation of opera. “Art Travel” will bring students and teachers to the Qintai Concert Hall to appreciate G.Puccini’s opera-Turandot.

During the art festival, Baya art lecture- All About Jazz Music was held in the postgraduate art week. Dean of Jazz Department of University of Northern Colorado lead his Jazz Band-I, attracting teachers and students into the American Jazz world with his fabulous performance. Music Lunch created a romantic musical atmosphere for those teachers participating in the postgraduate meeting.

It’s introduced that on May 28th, Art Education Center will invite Jiang Xuanshu and Wang Jian, faculty of Wuhan Conservatory of Music as guests in the weekend concert, who will perform the vocal concert with a focus on the opera excerpts. 

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