Alumnus Zhang Hongtao Donated One Million Yuan to HUST

April 25, 2016


On April 11th, Zhang Hongtao, chief executive and general manager of the XuJi Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, alumnus of HUST, donated one million yuan to the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HUST (SEEE) for establishing the “XJ Intelligent Power Distribution and Utilization Scholarship”. This scholarship is aimed at cultivating professionals in power distribution and utilization, encouraging excellent students and sponsoring students with financial difficulties.

Zhang said that he funded and established the scholarship in order to show his gratefulness to his alma mater, sponsor the current students and encourage innovations at HUST. He also addressed the students of SEEE that in accordance with the school mission of “high pursuit in integrity, learning, truth and innovation”, they should strive for improvement and prepare themselves for the development of the electricity industry in China.

During his visit to HUST, Zhang also talked with the Secretariat of the Central Alumni Association of HUST about the further enhancement in local alumni associations’ service and liaison with alumni. And at the invitation of the Association, he gave a lecture at the 46th session of the “Alumni Forum of HUST”.

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Zhang Hongtao, chief executive and general manager of the XuJi Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, chief executive of Beijing Xu Du Information Technology Co.Ltd. Zhang graduated from the School of Management of HUST with Master of Management. He is currently the vice president of the Beijing Alumni Association of HUST. He was awarded the title of “Annual Figure of the Entrepreneurial Federation of HUST” in 2015.

XuJi Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd was established in May 2009. It is striving to become an excellent supplier in intelligent power distribution and utilization products. In July 2014, it completed its transformation in line with the stock system and in December of the same year, it successfully got listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotation System for SMEs in China.




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