HUST Publish Newly-designed Diploma

March 22, 2016


It’s required by the MoE that the university diploma would be designed and printed by degree-conferring units since January, 2016. After several months’ hard work, HUST now published the newly-designed diplomas.

The new diploma composes of two parts: certificate and envelope. Framed by classic Chinese characters ”Hui”(回),the certificate takes HUST's most representative historic building as the main decoration and takes auspicious clouds as shading, the scroll design as the words’ background. According to the design, auspicious clouds symbolize luck and happiness, the scroll means thriving vitality and the Chinese characters ”Hui”(回) are ordered, rational, concise and simple. The outside of the envelope is gravure-printed with HUST badge and model of written characters. Inside is HUST motto and the view of HUST history museum. The whole design is precise and solemn, not only representing our school well but also blessing our student to have a promising future.

New version of diploma adopts standard A4 paper and different degrees are distinguished by colors including red, blue and purple. The bachelor's degree uses red color which symbolizes passion and vitality; the master's degree uses blue color which symbolizes calmness and adultness; the doctorate uses purple color which symbolizes restrained dignity and quality of elite.

New version of diploma adopts dedicated anti-counterfeiting watermarked paper. The anti-counterfeiting word "HUST" can be detected against the light. At the same time, it also adopts multiple anti-counterfeiting printing technology including embossed shading, micro-lettering and colored fluorescent.    



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