Alumni in Japan held 2015 Yearly Meeting

December 22, 2015

On Nov. 21, the HUST Alumni Association in Japan held its yearly meeting in Tokyo. Alumni scattered in different parts of Japan gathered together to celebrate the fading-away 2015 and to embrace the coming 2016.

After a brief recall on the foundation and the development of HUST Alumni Association in Japan, Prof. Ge Hanbin, the chairman of the Association, proposed to build the Association into a platform of friendship, coherence and stimulation. Ge also shared his own experience in Japan with the new comers. The attendees shared their own lives and career experience with each other.

Although be in different jobs and with different professional background, the HUSTers cherish their memories on campus. The Alma Mater, her developments and her glories, all these encourage her graduates lifelong.

Rosy memories, warm friendship, colorful exotic life, HUST alumni in Japan, good future!

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