Keyang: Medicine and Introspection on Medical Reserch

December 22, 2015


During interaction section, students asked question such as topic and design of an academic research, the renovation of medical achievement assessment system the targeted therapy of tumor. Prof. Ke answered their questions patiently with her experience of research and management.

Keyang: Vice President of Peking University, Expert on Oncology

In the evening of May 6th, the lecture hall in Tongji Medical College was crowded with the excited audience waiting for professor Keyang’s lecture on ”Medicine and Introspection on Medical Research”.In her report, Ke would share her working experience as a senior administrator and a researcher and her rethink about current situation of medical research.
Personal Research Path and Experience
 From studying cells culture in vitro to establishing complicated cell line, from tumor cells culture in vitro to establishing animal tumor model, from cell biology to molecular biology then to epidemiology, Keyang, combining her research journey, shared her experience of tumor research from three aspects: the relationships between oncogene, cancer suppressor genes and cancer cure, application of advanced molecular biology technique to cancer treatment and the inspiration of epidemiology on cancer research.

“The complexity of tumor is out of your imagination.” Ke said: “the origination of tumor is affected by environment and heredity, moreover, the relationships between cancer cells and oncogenes are extremely complex, which induces the huge differences of tumor cells in cancer of different types, different people and even the same focus. As a result, how to take advantage of molecular biology methods to simplify the molecular mechanism of cancer and then to decipher the cause of cancer is worth rethinking. In addition, Ke’s research using epidemiology, a critical and rigorous social science method, explores into the reason for frequent cause of esophageal carcinoma in Henan also provides a new way of thinking in research.

With our increasingly deep research into the molecular structural function of cells and lives in basic medical research, we enhance our understanding on the mystery of lives, our medical research team is expanding and diversified biological techniques are invented. Meanwhile however, problems are prominent. For example, the research designs run to the bottleneck, systematic the research technique is restrained and the innovation is blocked by mainstream forceco. To tackle problems above, Keyang think that we should advance solidly from easy to difficult while focusing on question oriented research, develop our advantages while minimizing our drawbacks, accumulate with patience and be modest to ask for advice, cooperate with sincerity, be determined and rethink frequently.

As for clinical medicine, professor Ke supposed that the main challenge we are facing is the lagging-behind treatment after diagnosis, lacking in large sample-based research and technique assessment, neglect of medical humanity and the value of lives. To solve the current problems, we should establish sound mechanism, stick to medicine ideas and improve professional ethics and clinical research.

As an administrator, Keyang also believes that in order to tackle problems in medicine and clinical medicine we must gradually improve the status quo of “publishing papers in SCI magazines is the first priority” as well as medical assessment system; meanwhile, we should get rid of the thought such as “dominant ideas is the only correct principle to obey”, adopt diverse thinking methods and renovate education. She also said that a medical researcher should maintain the attitude of “research for progress, improvement and truth”.

During Q&A section, Professor Keyang told the audience what impressed her deeply when she was a graduate student. At that time, fetal bovine serum had not been commercialized yet, so they had to go to the stock farm and got fresh serum from living calves on their own. When being asked about the meaning of research, she said that the research path, a process for accumulation, is never easy. So the graduate students should value the learning process and try to discover their interest.

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