Scholars and Alumni Listed Top 100 Architects in 10 Years

December 22, 2015


From September 26th to October 7th, the “Top 100 Architects in 10 Years” exhibition, organized by a prestigious journal in the international architectural circle-Urban ·Environment· Design (UED), was held in Beijing. With the theme of Chinese Cities in the Past Ten Years, the exhibition aims to present the famous architects emerging in China in the past 10 years and showcase their representative works and design ideas. Professor Li Baofeng in School of Architecture Urban Planning, HUST alumni Liu Hang and Dai Pu were listed in the top 100 architects.

Li Baofeng was once the dean of School of Architecture and Urban  Planning, HUST. His selected work is the Cretaceous Dinosaur Egg Remainder Museum in Qinglong Mountain. Through the design of the museum, he put forward some design principles including paying attention to locations, adaption to regional climate, retention of history, adoption of appropriate technologies and form originating from model, which all embody the idea that architecture should be closely anchored in the location where it's situated.

Liu Heng started her undergraduate study in HUST from 1989. Then she obtained her master’s degree and doctor’s degree in UCB and Harvard University respectively. Now she works in Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was ever active in the international architecture circle as the main planner of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale Exhibition. Her selected work is the Main Entrance of Shekou Float Glass Factory. In the work, she maintained the old warehouse that should have been demolished, which embodies the idea of the recyclable use of resources. The new entrance is in an interesting and artful unity with the old warehouse.

Dai Pu has been devoted to first-hand practice after graduation from HUST in 2006. The work presented by him in the exhibition is Tree Art Museum. In order to construct it exquisitely, he lived with workers in the construction site. After the construction completion of the museum, it has gained the widespread applause from the architecture circle.
The architecture education in HUST was started in the 1980s. Although it’s a late start, it has undergone rapid development. Now, it has become a strong force in domestic architect circle and ranked the 9th in 2012 China discipline ranking.

It’s known that in this exhibition, the leading authorities of architecture -academician He Jingtang, academician Cheng Taoning and academician Zhuan Weimin were all listed in the top architects in 10 years with their works exhibited.

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