Huster Won the World Youth Open Bridge Championships 2015

December 22, 2015

The 2015 World Youth Open Bridge Championships started on August 20th in Opatija, Croatia. Undergraduate Yin YIchen from HUST ,together with his partners from China’s National Youth Team, won two golds and a silver.

In the pair competition, two pairs of Chinese players had been holding a lead from the beginning. In the end, they won the gold and the silver (Yin Yichen and his partner) respectively, which marks a milestone for China participation in such championships.

In the team competition, Yi YIchen and his team members speared no effort to win the championship again. It was worth mentioning that the team has achieved their Grand Slam for youngsters’ teams from China to Asia and finally the whole world.

For the last Board-A-Match, Yin Yichen and other Chinese team members matched against other world- top players, finally tying for the third place. The committee specially awarded them another gold medal as they were the most outstanding youth team in the championships.

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