Girls’ Team Finish Third in Dragon Boat Race (CLZT)

December 21, 2015

On March 21, the 2015 China LongZhou (Dragon Boat) Tournament (CLZT) started in Wanning, Hainan province. Girls’ team of HUST Dragon Boat Team finished third in the competition of junior women’s group.

In this tournament, HUST sent out two teams, boys’ team as well as girls’ team, to respectively participated in the competition of professional men’s group and junior women’s group. This is the first time that both teams are sent to participate in national dragon boat competitions.

In team qualifying, Boys’ Team won first in 100-meter race, second in 200-meter race and first in 500-meter race. With a total score ranking of 14, they failed to get to the final. Nevertheless, as a team consists of undergraduates, it is praiseworthy for them to obtain this position in the competition with professional teams.

Girls’ team finished third in the competition of young women’s group. This team was officially established on March, 2014 and has already obtained good results for successive two times.

The achievements of Dragon Boat Team come from strenuous while orderly training. Taking “Being Incumbent on Winning Honor for HUST” as the motto, members of Dragon Boat Team train themselves every afternoon in the East Lake, rain or shine, and every evening in Yunyuan gymnasium.

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