7 HUSTers Won Prizes in Chinese Mathematics Competition (CMC)

December 21, 2015


On March 22th, the awarding ceremony of  the 6th Chinese Mathematics Competition (CMC) was held in HUST. After taking part in the final and the academic report, 7 HUSTers including math and non-math major students stood out in the competition, in which Ye Jinyang, a junior in the School of Computer Science and Technology and Lei Xinyi, a sophomore in the school of economics as well as the Economics Innovation Experimental Class of Qiming College won the national first prize for non-math major students.

The 6th CMC was organized by School of Mathematics and Statistics.  The preliminary was held in 28 competing areas in October 2014 with 63520 participants, covering nearly a hundred universities. After fierce competition, 286 of them stood out and were qualified to take part in the final in HUST.

In his address, Lin Qun, leader of the CMC work group as well as academician in the Math and Systematic Science Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science encouraged university students not to fear math. By showing the application of math in War and Astronomical calculation, he expressed that math was actually not far from us and it penetrated nearly all aspects of life. He hoped that students could love math and discover its difference from other disciplines. He also said that math is a discipline involving not only discovery but also in-depth thought and summarization.

Attendees of the awarding ceremony, presided over by WuJun, vice dean of School of mathematics HUST are Gao Zongsheng , vice leader of the CMC work group as well as professor in the School of Mathematics in Beihang University, Chen Hua, professor in School of Mathematics of Wuhan University as well as director of HuBei Province Mathematics Society, Duan Xianzhong, HUST vice president, TanBo, vice dean of School of Mathematics and GuoXingpeng, Director of HUST Academic Affairs Office.

It’s known that the 7th CMC will be organized by Fujian Normal University.

Contestants of HUST had got trained together since August 15th, 2014. However out of his mania for math, the first prizewinner Ye Jinyang had consulted Wu Jie, a math professor in last May. Since then, he had made tremendous efforts. Another first prizewinner Lei Xinyi said that he entered the final accidentally. But Professor Wu thought it seemed accidental but actually inevitable by saying that Lei always takes what she should do seriously and it’s her efforts that bring her the good results in the competition.

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