Three HUST Alumni listed Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 of Forbes

December 21, 2015


On March 6th, Forbes China released the Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30 in which ZhouWei, an alumnus of School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Jin Yiye of School of Optical and Electronic Information and Huang Chengsong of school of Software Engineering were listed.

Zhou Wei, 29, CEO of Shenzhen IMSCV technology Corporation Ltd.

Zhou Wei, the 29-year-old founder of the Shenzhen IMSCV Technology Corporation Ltd, appeared on the cover of Forbes China. He was once the champion of the National Robot Competition. After seeking entrepreneurship in a series of industrial robots, he chose the manufacturing of Electric Car Balance, a “robot” with smart trip functions as a breakthrough and established a commercial mode with a trade volume of several hundred million Yuan. Together with unmanned aerial vehicle, robot, space flight technology.

Huang Chensong, 28,CEO of

Huang Chengsong, the 28-year-old 2011’ graduate, majoring in software engineering, is the founder and CEO of In 2010, he founded Wuhan Qimi Network Technology Corporation Ltd. In 2012, he established, a leading e-commerce in China featuring discount goods. His group has gained the joint “A” round financing of RMB 50,000,000 of New Access Capital, Newsion Venture Capital and Linkage Group. It’s said that, although listed in market for less than three years, has over 30,000,000 users with a platform trasaction volume reaching RMB 2.5 billion in 2014.

Jin Yiye,30,founder of Ping++

The founder of Ping++, Jin Yiye is also 30 this year. After graduating from School of Optical and Electronic Information in 2008, he headed for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for enrolling a postgraduate program and then gained his second postgraduate degree in Stanford University. In 2012 he came back for entrepreneurship and established Ping++, a corporation offering payment SDK to mobile apps. By offering internet access application support, payment SDK and transaction management platform, Ping++makes it possible for developers to gain access to main payment channels like Wechat, Alipay, UnionPay ,Baifubao.

It’s said that the programs listed cover nearly all the hot areas of entrepreneurship including O2O, game, wearable technology, smart manufacturing, Internet of Things, media, internet finance, software. Since Forbes first released the list of top 30 entrepreneurship under 30, seeking success in entrepreneurship under 30 has become a hotspot topic. Those groups seeking entrepreneurship under 30 have become an important embodiment of the social strength in the new generation. Every year’s list will also mold a number of future prominent figures in advance. In media’s opinion, young people’s pursuit of entrepreneurship has become an astounding social phenomenon. So more attention to those entrepreneurs under 30 will push and usher in a big wave of entrepreneurship among Chinese young people in the joint of focusing on the future social transformation.

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