The Project of Precise Gravity Measurement –a National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Established

December 21, 2015


On May 5th, National Development and Reform Committee officially approved the proposal of precise gravity measurement research facility as a national major science and technology infrastructure. This project, led by HUST and co-constructed by Measurement & Earth Physical Research Institute of CAS, Physical and Mathematical Research Institute of CAS in Wuhan as well as China University of Geosciences  (Wuhan) is the second national major science and technology infrastructure settling in HUST.

It is introduced that the data of earth gravity field is the national basic data and national strategic data.  Precise gravity measurement can help measure the global and regional gravity field in high resolution and preciseness. It’s an indispensible tool to obtain the basic data of earth’s mass change and an embodiment of a nation’s comprehensive strength. To construct precise gravity measurement facility is of great scientific significance to the basic research on solid earth and global environment and of strategic importance to resource exploration and national security.

Aimed at improving China’s precise gravity measurement research ability, the facility will construct the internationally advanced precise gravity measurement research facility and finally make China become a gravity measurement scientific center with international influence. In line with the principle of open cooperation and shared resources, the facility will be open to many users in a wide range of areas and undertake various scientific research and academic exchanges.

“ Precise gravity measurement research facility” has gained the great support of Ministry of Education, Hubei Province and Wuhan municipality.  HUST will make furthers efforts to accomplish various work concerning the project viability demonstration, preliminary preparation and engineering construction by uniting relevant research institutes so as to ensure the realization of the project construction goal.

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