1,000 contestants competed application skill of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

December 21, 2015


Designing the model and handing in the data, more than 1,000 contestants gathered in Optical valley Stadium and used more than 500 computers to compete their application skill of Building Information Modeling(IBM). From May 9th to 10th, the final of the 6th National Sware BIM application competition was held in HUST and Harbin Institute of Technology simultaneously. 320 teams from 317 universities in China participated in the competition.

The competition is hosted by China Association of Construction Education and organized by Shenzhen Tsinghua Sware Software Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, Harbin Institute of Technology and HUST. HUST Academic Affairs Office, League Committee, Secutity Departemnt, Logistics Group, PE department, Art Group and School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics actively assisted and supported the convening of the competition. Nearly 100 volunteers from School of civil Engineering and Mechanics made their contributions to the competition by successfully undertaking the work of reception and abutment.

HUST Vice President Duan Xianzhong attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

National University Sware BIM  Software Modeling Competition is a competition based on BIM and completed through the cooperation of students majoring architecture, civil engineering, architecture facility and engineering management who play the role of the designer, cost engineer,and constructor respectively in the industrial chain with the idea of coordination. It requires students in different majors to cooperate and coordinate, thus breaking the isolated island of information and achieving the BIM idea of shared information and coordinated work in the construction industry.

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