Ding Lieyun: Making the brand of "Great learning in HUST" more Shinning

October 31, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, dear freshmen:


Good morning!


First of all, congratulations to you for your success in the national college entrance examination. Today I would like to guide  you round the campus.When you come in the campus from the south, you will see the statue of "Chairman Mao" waving his hand. And when you head north to the Humanities memorial wall of Hua Cheng Tian Xia, you can keep in mind the motto of the former president Yang Shuzi—— “Without science and technology, a country or a nation will be defeated ; Without humanity, a country or a nation will die itself.” Then, a few steps down from the wall lies our history museum. There lies our library in the west of history museum, where you launch “yourself-study mode". I hope you will fall in love with the mode of "studying hard in library". Last year, Liang, a student from Civil Engineering School, ranked first in the borrow list with a record of 260 books. I hope you can refresh this record. In the west of the library, it’s a good place for reading in the morning, where you will see a solemn statue. The Youth Park witnessed Hu Jiwei’s spirit of giving his life for another, which has carried on from generation to generation. Besides, there is a teaching building respectively located in the east and west, namely the East Nine teaching building and the Wes Twelve teaching building. It offers classrooms for up to 10,000 people, where teachers can give lessons and dispel doubts. The teaching buildings will bear witness to your growth and academic development as you take on a journey of magnificent changes. The Zi Song apartment is suited in the west of West Twelve, and Yun Yuan Apartment in the east of nine East. It is your dorm, where 95 Curve Wrecker dorms once went on further study as postgraduates, which might be that you live in.


Dear students, that is HUST, a university known as "the epitome of the development of higher education in New China". In retrospect to the past six decades and more, the strict administration and diligent work of all staff contribute to a good reputation of "Great learning in HUST". It demonstrates our motto of “Virtue, Knowledge, Truth, Originality” and guided generations of Husters to be a good man and serve the community. It’s the “Great Learning in HUST”, and will be the style and spirit of Husters through your rewarding youthful days.


Xi Jinping once said, "The spirit and style of a university are like sunshine and air, which directly determine the growth of students. ”Today, when you come to this school, you become the carrier and pioneer of the spirit of "Great Learning in HUST". Under these circumstances, I wish that you make the brand, "Great Learning in HUST " ,  hit resoundingly by fighting and working hard for your dreams.


“Great Learning in HUST” means that we should equally stress on integrity and ability, and give first priority to forming a noble character. Virtue lays a solid foundation for our society, but also become precious wealth benefiting your whole life. The goal of institutions of higher learning is not only academic excellence, but also all-around development. Our 90 year-old alumni, Wu Mengchao, the father of "Chinese Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery", is still struggling for "crossing the river every patient on his back" with a knife in hands and a flame in heart. The hero of "anti-AIDS " Gui Xien, broke down the taboo, and passed the warm of spring to every corner. It is their profound knowledge, noble virtue, and the love of life, that moved China, and even the world. Dear students, I hope that you can set firm ideals and beliefs under the “Party Flag” and in the “Morality Long March", temper noble moral quality in activities of striving to be the best, accept the cultural education in the humanities lecture, broaden your horizon and cultivate your spirit in the high-level sports and arts events. Capacity is virtue's source; while virtue is capacity's captain. One can finally succeed only with both ability and political integrity. “Great Learning in HUST” is to form a noble character and improve your cultural qualities.


“Great Learning in HUST” requires you to be straight and stay rigorous in academics. It’s suggested that you take learning as a responsibility, a spiritual pursuit, and a way of life without other purposes. At the foot of Yujia Mountain, the researchers at center for Gravitational Experiments of the School of Physics have been committed to studies over 30 years, and finally make China a leader in the field of precision gravitation measurement experiment. Mr. Cui Kun, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, remains committed to academics even in his 80s. It took him 6 years to finish an over-two-million-word volume -- the first encyclopedia about steel for special use in China. Those respectable scholars, who worked hardly and rigorously in academic, make HUST the best in the academic research of basic research, and display its distinctive features in the academic research of applied research. Dear students, please spend more time to learn the essence of traditional culture rather than to waste your time by indulging in the carnival of foreign festivals; and spare more time to explore the truth of science with teachers and classmates, and less time in the game of the Glory of the King; and take more time in Qiming School and innovative research institute and other scientific research base instead of in the dormitory. Your accomplishment takes both time and hard work. “Great Learning in HUST” means that one should work hard to be a first-rate talent.


“Great Learning in HUST” means to develop innovation in practice. Practice tests true knowledge and creation leads to development. In the new era, you should take root in China and share the same fate with the motherland by knowing the current state condition and the feelings of the people, improving intelligence in the innovation and entrepreneurship practice,. HUST has never lacked the soil for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our school initiated and promoted the construction of "Optics Valley in Wuhan and China", and now it has become a national independent innovation demonstration zone, a public innovation demonstration base for Mass Entrepreneurship, and a powerful driving force for local economic development. The three major infrastructures of national science and technology, the National Strong Pulsed Magnetic Field, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, the Center of Precision Gravity Measurement Science , shine as three pearls on the top of the tower. It serves not only as the results of innovation at a stage, but also as a driving force of innovation-driven development at present and in the future. The students in our school has achieved great success in the "Challenge Cup" "Internet plus" "Youth Entrepreneurship" and other major events. The practical and innovative spirit of HUST inspired generations of Husters to apply their knowledge to serve our society and community. For example, Wang Zhengyan, "the Doctor of Prescription” made her extraordinary in ordinary life. 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 China List was issued this July, and Zhang Xiaolong——the father of WeChat, and Ke Zunyao and Guo Lie and other four out of the thirty are Husters, all of whom are truly practitioners with innovative thinking. Dear students, I hope that you work for the benefit of the people in practice of "Wisdom helps Entrepreneurship” and in process of chasing your dream, serve for our community in innovation and entrepreneurship, and reward our country in the development trend of the world and China. “Digging a well begins from a pit and ends in a bore”. “Great Learning in HUST” requires us to be a man of practice and innovation so as to make our motherland a better place.


Dear students, you are lucky. In 2021, it is the time when our party will celebrate its 100th anniversary. You are lucky to witness the completion of the task of building a comprehensive well-off society when you graduate from school. In 2049, 100 years after the founding of China, you will see a young and prosperous modern socialist society of democracy, civilization and harmony. As young students, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, you are expected to bravely shoulders missions in this new era and fulfill the task of our times with dreams and pioneering spirits.


Dear students, we will embrace industriousness and imagination, tradition and innovation, as well as liberty and responsibility, truth and virtue. As a freshman, you will definitely inject new vitality and impetus into HUST, where will bear witness to your growth as you take on a new journey. Dear students, time and tide wait for no man, you can make HUST future and you will make your own future.

Thank you!


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