Premier Li Keqiang Inspected Union Hospital

December 14, 2017


Cancer disease has a bearing on thousands of people, and it is a major people livelihood issue. I'm here to investigate what “the bottlenecks” for cancer treatment are? What policy support can be made by the government to treat cancer?” On December 12th, Premier Li Keqiang talked to more than 20 cancer experts of the Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College.


At the State Council Conference two months ago, Premier Minister Li stated clearly that the government would concentrate on superior scientific research and carry out targeted campaigns to resolve key problems in the treatment of d cancer. On the morning of December 12th, Premier Li came to Wuhan Union Hospital to visit children with leukemia, and exchanged views with cancer experts on treating cancer.

Anything May be in short except life-saving medicine


"Are the domestic medicines available now?" How much is it for each bottle? "Entering the ward of the Children's Hematological Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Premier Li asked the families of children with leukemia.


It was reported that in China children with leukemia were short of cheaper domestic drugs and couldn’t afford the expensive import pills more than RMB1000 before. He urged the related departments ‘to feel for others and treat special issues specially, to make more efforts to ensure the supply of cheap domestic drugs, and to work hardly to tackle the pharmacy supply issue for the children with leukemia.During the visit he particularly asked the parents of the children with leukemia about the drug situation.


"The medicine can be bought, and the price is cheap!" A child's father told the Premier Li.

“Whatever can be in short supply other than ‘disease treatment’ and ‘life-saving medicines’”, Premier Li said. You may be certain that our state will endeavor to supply these drugs in short term as well as to ensure long-term supply. “Life-saving drugs” must be available.

Li Keqiang also asked the health care providers about the situation of “medicines in shortage”, and asked the head of the Department of Health to "make a list". He urged to improve health care policy and system, and to ensure the long-term stable supply of " medicines in short" and other desiderata.

In the "Benevolence School for Paediatric Hematopathy Ward ", Premier Li sent a magnetic jigsaw of the world map to each of the children with leukemia who were drawing pictures: " I hope you have a good treatment, and you can measure the world with your feet as you grow up." Premier Li said.

"That's great!" My dream is to be a gourmet and travel around the world! "One of the children took the gift and said with happiness.

Another 7 - year-old boy wished to take a picture with Premier Li and his dream came true. The little boy added, "Can you give me two pictures?"

“Of course, but why two?” Premier Li promised.

"I can't tell you, It’is a secret!" The little boy answered.

The Government will offer Policy Support


Leaving the Benevolence School, Li Keqiang came to the doctor's office to inquire about the latest research and clinical progress on cancer. Two experts respectively introduced their cysts and CAR-T cell therapies for tumors. Li Keqiang said, "I am very pleased to hear that. Some developed countries proposed to study cancer pathogenesis decades ago. Now our country's cancer research and treatment technology has also reached a new stage. "


Premier Li got that the current problems were lack of clinical funds, the imperfect standard for cell therapy quality control, and slow drug approval and long conversion time.

“Drug approval should be accelerated, but the safety of the drugs must be guaranteed!" The prime minister said.

He asked the head of the Department of Health to make out a pertinent report as soon as possible.Let us work together to progress in the research and treatment for cancer pathology and save more lives. Whatever policies needed by Department of Health, the government will strive to support it.”


"Cancer is a major people livelihood issue, Premier Li said, "Life Science, including cancer, is as important as Cosmic and Marine science. You are in the frontier of Life Medicine and have a great responsibility to the health of thousands of people. "


Before his departure, Li Keqiang asked again about what policy the experts wanted to recommend. A leukemia expert suggested that, for the sake of better treatment effect for childhood with leukemia, whether it is possible to extend the current medical insurance policy for children in rural areas to all children with leukemia.


The prime minister immediately asked the head of the Department of Health to "make further investigation". He said that, at present, China has achieved full coverage of serious illness insurance, so that more patients can reduce their burden. Cancer is one of the major diseases. We must concentrate our strength and efforts on tackling cancer disease in order that more patients and family members will get out of the shadow of disease at an early date.


Before leaving the hospital, Premier Li Keqiang urged the medical workers: Wuhan Union Hospital is a large hospital that people trust. People are willing to come here to see a doctor, because the experts here are capable of treating diseases. He hopes that Wuhan Union Hospital continues to endeavor to meet people’s satisfaction.

The inspection to Union Hospital is part of Prime Minister’s trip to Wuhan from December 11h to 12th. Mr. Li Bin the Director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Mr.Jiang Chaoliang the Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Mr.Wang Xiaodong the Governor of Hubei Province accompanied.


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