HUST Paper Selected as the 2017 Top Article in Frontiers

December 22, 2017

Recently, Frontiers released 2017 Top Articles and Highlights. The paper of Professor Li Maoteng’s Group, published in Frontiers in Plant Science on Feb. 14, was selected as one of the 2017 Top Articles and recommended as Highlights. The paper is entitled as Advances in Gene Editing Technology and Its Application in Plant Research.


Zhang Kai, doctoral candidate, is the first author of the paper, and Prof. Li is the corresponding author. Post-doctor Nadia Raboanatahiry and Professor Zhu Bin also contributed to the writing of this paper.


The article of Li’s Group reviews the recent development of gene editing and its application in plant research. Based on their recognition pattern on target gene, present gene editing technologies are divided into three types: protein-dependent DNA cleavage mode, RNA-dependent DNA cleavage mode and RNA-dependent RNA cleavage mode. The article introduces these three modes in detail, not only covering their development and mechanism but also the application of these technologies in plant gene function deletion, gene function acquisition and gene function modification. It can be safely drawn the conclusion that the article lays a foundation for scientists involved in gene editing to quickly catch up the advances in this field.


Engaged in the gene mapping, gene cloning of important agronomic traits of Brassica napus and gene function using gene editing technologies to study gene function, Prof. Li Maoteng's research group has published more than 50 SCI papers in the fields, many of which have received widespread concern of domestic and foreign researchers’ widespread concern.


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