The first Smart Classrooms Put into Use

March 20, 2018 (Journalist Ye Renchun, Jin Lixia and Zheng Bin) In the first week of the new term, fifteen classrooms with different functions has been put into use in the West Five teaching building and East Five teaching building.

There are fifteen smart classrooms at the first stage of the project, respectively located in the West Five teaching building, the East Five teaching building, with a total investment of 6.1million RMB, The smart classrooms have advanced ideas and functions.

First of all, interactive mode and interactive teaching can be continued during the whole process of the teaching activities in the classroom, as the smart classroom seat can be moved, and several display screens for group discussion can be used, for the handheld terminal information onto the screen with the wireless access function, which can realize the classroom group interaction learning.

Secondly, the intelligent centralized control systems are adopted in the smart classrooms, which can realize a variety of preset teaching mode and remote control mode. Each classroom is equipped with recording system, with the function of recording video courseware as needed by teachers in classroom, which is convenient for students to review after class and for teachers to improve teaching methods.

The classrooms have also combined the access control system with the teaching system. It identifies the teachers and students' rights in class, collects and records all kinds of data in classroom, achieve the objectivity and intellectualization of teaching data analysis, and avoids the influence of subjective factors on teaching evaluation and management.

After the smart classroom opened to the public, the teachers have actively applied to participate in the training for smart classroom and the use of the smart classroom. In order to realize the functions of the smart classroom for teachers, Dean's Office and Modern Education Technical Center has conducted a number of smart classroom training, and collected the opinions and suggestions of all staff in using the smart classrooms.

Sun, who teaches the elective course "Comprehensive English", shared experience on the use of smart classroom. Sun affirmed the merits of smart classroom, as smart classroom played a positive role in promoting exchanges between teacher and students, and “with the smart classroom, four or five students are more likely to carry out group discussions, therefore, the smart classroom is very conducive to the implementation of my teaching plan”. At the same time, Ms. Sun thinks that it is more tedious to operate the smart classroom, and not very mature at the technical level.

Mr. Zeng Kuo, from the Energy School, suggested that we’d better to release an instruction for the equipment of the smart classroom, which is more convenient for teachers and students to learn.

Mr. Shi Ke from Computer Science School also thinks that the equipment in the smart classroom is advanced, but the stools in the classroom are less suitable for large class teaching. It is suggested that the number of stools should be increased.

According to different opinions and suggestions put forward by the teachers, Dean's Office and Modern Education Technical Center will earnestly study and improve the implementation of the program to promote the construction of smart classroom, strive to make more students access to the smart classrooms, and make joint efforts to improve the teaching experience.

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