Prof. Xiong Youlun Set Up Zhihu Fund forRobotics Research in HUST

May 28, 2018

On May 5, Prof. Xiong Youlun, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, set up a special fund named “Zhihu Award Fund” in HUST.

This fund is aiming to push forward the development of robotics in China. It’s set up to award the young scholars who have made extraordinary contributions in the basic theory and application of robotics research, especially in Tri-Co Robots (Coexisting-Cooperative-Cognitive Robots) research. It is an open-end fund for annually sponsoring people who make outstanding efforts in this field.

“Robot is the pearl on the crown of manufacturing. Its development, manufacturing and application are key to measuring the performance of a country’s scientific and technological innovation. I hope more young people can get down to their work and challenge a new height bravely.” said Xiong.

On the same day, “Zhihu Award Fund” received 700,000 yuan, the first funding from Xiong youlun and Ding Han, both of whom are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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