HUST and MINES ParisTech Renew the Cooperation Agreement on ICARE

June 14, 2018

On 22nd May, the signing ceremony of The Renewal Agreement on China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy (ICARE) at HUST was held in the exhibition hall of the Mineralogy Museum at MINES ParisTech. Ding Lieyun, president of HUST, attended the ceremony and met with representatives of European universities, such as Vincent LAFLÈCHE, president of MINES ParisTech, Jérôme ADNOT, deputy president of MINES ParisTech, Christian LERMINIAUX, president of Chimie ParisTech, and Christopher CRIPPS, dean of International Affairs at PSL Research University. Ding Lieyun and Vincent LAFLÈCHE signed the renewal agreement on behalf of their respective universities.

Participants are the representatives of PSL Research University, MINES ParisTech, National Technical University of Athens, Northumbria University, the University Alliance for Sustainable Development at Sapienza University of Rome, and Chimie ParisTech as well as leaders in charge of Personnel Department, International Exchange Center, and ICARE at HUST .

ICARE is the only Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution in HUST. After several years of rapid development, ICARE has now become an outstanding Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution that is highly recognized by the Ministry of Education. It is a major platform for international cooperation and exchanges between HUST and universities in other countries, especially those in Europe.

At the end of 2017, the first batch of financial support by China and EU ended.

HUST has attached great importance to the operation and development of ICARE and has reached a consensus on the renewal with MINES ParisTech after consultations. The signing of the renewal agreement provides a new opportunity for the two parties to conduct broader and closer cooperation in the next stage.

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