HUST Won the Dragon Boat Race between HUST and WHU

June 22, 2018

On the morning of June 15th, the 7th Wuhan TwinStar Dragon Boat Race (WHU vs HUST) started at East Lake. Ding Lieyun the president of HUST, and Dou Xiankang the president of WHU(Wuhan University) respectively announced the beginning of the race by drawing the dragon’s eyes of boat No.1 and boat No.2. Vice President of HUST Mr.Ma Xiaojie attended the activity.

After the fierce competition, the dragon boat team from HUST won by a large margin and become the champion of the 7th Wuhan TwinStar Friendly Dragon Boat Race.

The race was part of Wuhan Military Games Cup Dragon Boat Challenge Match of 2018, in which HUST ranked the third.

It’s said that there were fourteen dragon boat team with 500 athletes participated in the competition. Five of them are from the military (include army institute and public security system); five of them are from colleges and two of them consist of civilians.

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