7433 New HUSTers Sailing for Their Dream—Opening Ceremony of 2018 Held

September 13, 2018

Wearing T-shirts of various colors—red, blue, purple, white and green, over 7400 freshmen and international students presented an image of “HUST” on the green central playground. On September 4, the opening ceremony marked the beginning of a new journey of undergraduate students enrolled in 2018. With the theme of “Highlighting Liberal and Quality Education”, president Ding Lieyun urged the students to bravely share the historic responsibility and shoulder missions of the new era.

President Ding welcomed the new host of this university of forests. He pointed out that humanistic spirit binds the Chinese nation together and advances the proper development of the society, therefore it is necessary that the youth receive liberal and quality education. HUST has been a pioneer in providing liberal and quality education. In the past 60 years, HUST has been committed to cultivating ambitious, high-minded, capable and innovative students with a humanistic spirit. Mr. Ding hoped that the students could bear the well-being of the country in mind and undertake the responsibility entrusted by the times; elevate their moral standards; be practical and innovative; develop correct values and beliefs to make proper choices in one’s life journey,thus attesting to the success of HUST’s liberal and quality education.  

The university leaders awarded school badges to the freshmen representatives. Over 7400 freshmen, wearing the school badges, formally became HUSTers.  

Xiang Qi, a freshman from Tongji Medical College who just fulfilled his military service 3 days ago, delivered a speech on behalf of the newly-enrolled students. He called on his peers to be positive, diligent and responsible.

Zhang Tongchuan, a sophomore and the monitor of “Hu Jiwei” class from School of Economics, made a speech on behalf of non-freshmen. He said that HUST was a place where a dream took root, sprouted and blossomed and encouraged the new students to bravely try something new, tap their potential and learn from those experiences and then transform the world with technologies and reward the society with knowledge.  

The university leaders issued letters of appointment to head teacher representatives in charge of the freshmen.

Shi Tielin, party committee secretary of School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of the faculty. He urged the new students to cherish time to study and look for the truth and be practical; dare to challenge and good at communicating; live with gratitude and a sense of awe; build a strong body, be positive and generous and realize the value of one’s life when striving to achieve national rejuvenation.

University leaders including Ding Lieyun, Luo Qingming, Ma Xiaojie, Zhan Yiqing, Zhou Jianbo, Ma Jianhui, Xu Xiaodong, Liang Qian, Xie Zhengxue and Zhang Xinliang etc. participated in the ceremony and Liang Qian served as the hostess. 

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