Opening Ceremony for Graduate Students 2018 of Tongji Medical College

September 13, 2018

On the afternoon of Sept 5th, Opening Ceremony for Graduate Students 2018 & Entrance Education of Tongji Medical College (TMC) was held at the gymnasium. Prof. Xie Xiaolin, the Vice President of HUST, was in attendance and made a speech. The deputy dean of TMC Prof.Liu Jihong presided over the ceremony.

In his speech, Prof. Xie Xiaolin expressed his warm welcome and congratulations to all the new graduates. Then, he urged the students to make a good start to a new academic journey in Tongji. He also encouraged the new graduates to carry forward Tongji Spirit.

"We must have qualities of noble character, preciseness, innovative way of thinking and courage to take responsibilities when facing our national strategy 'Healthy China', leading to a tight combination between self-development and Healthy China and actively participating in its establishment. As graduates of HUST, we all have ideals, abilities and senses of responsibility. We should have knowledge of people's health needs all around China by practice, put forward innovative solutions through researches and offer advices and suggestions to people's health.”  Xie Xiaolin stressed.

Moreover, he also wished all medical graduates would develop and expand great Chinese Spirit, which demands us to have academic integrity, perfected academic personality and academic dignity. Medical graduates should not only have exquisite skills, but also be in full support of humanistic care when facing people's health and life. Serving people's health is a forever career.

Prof. Sun lidong from School of Basic Medicine gave a speech on behalf of a supervisors. He shared a key word "believe" to encourage new graduates to firm their belief, believing their choices and abilities, believing that success would come after solving current problems by hard work and tutors would be comrades in academic research.

Zhang Qian, the chairman of the Medical Graduate Association, spoke on behalf of the students.  He shared his learning experience in TMC and called on the students to focus on scientific research, academic exchange and setting firm goals.

Ph.D candidate Fang Hanyi of 2018, who volunteered to Thailand overturn accident medical service on July 5th, spoke on behalf of new graduates. She expressed that we need good medical ethics, persistence and spirit of inheritance after reviewing her own path of study and the original intention of studying medicine.

All the new graduates watched the 110-year commemorative film of TMC and swore as medical graduates.  

Mr. Dong Weiguo of Medical Postgraduate Department held the Entrance Education, which consists of psychological health education, security education and cultivation policy of Clinical Medicine Science.

Totolly 1669 new graduate students attended the ceremony.


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