Millions of College Graduates Working in Wuhan Project Milk Round First Stop at HUST

September 25, 2018

On Sept 15th morning, Millions of College Graduates Working in Wuhan Project fall milk round 2018 took its first stop and held successfully at Optical Valley Sports Stadium(HUST). More than 500 enterprises attended with 25,000 sound positions.

Over 5,000 graduates 2017 & 2018 from HUSTone third of total graduates, chose to work in Wuhan since Millions of College Graduates Stay in Wuhan Project introduced in 2017. Liang Qian, the vice president of HUST introduced.

In deputy mayor Xu Honglan’s speech, the rapidly development of Wuhan in recent years found a stage for graduates realizing their dreams. As an inland city with the best geographical environment, Wuhan has prominent advantages for development. Besides, Wuhan government has set policies to solve housing and settling problems, and employment difficulty. More and more graduates therefore desire to stay and develop in Wuhan.

"Talents from HUST have made great contributions for national scientific innovation and Wuhan's prosperity. The city and Jiang'an district attach importance to their partner HUST. Moreover, Jiang'an district has its unique advantages for development and will give supports for graduates when pursuiting their life dreams," Mr. Wang Wei, party secretary of Jiang'an district committee recommended.

Representative enterprises from Jiang'an district including Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (CISPDR) made their recommendations respectively.

The positions offered by the industries include education, petro-chemistry, communication information, technology services and the like. Over 3,200 resumes had been presented by 2 PM in the afternoon. More than 1,100 graduates had intentions, increasing by about 20% compared with the same period of last years.

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