Department of Surgery of Tongji Hospital Won the Award Nomination of the Third China Quality Award

November 7, 2018 (Correspondent: Cai Min, Deng Guohuan) on November 2, the department of surgery of Tongji Hospital "innovative management system based on KTQ model, focusing on organ transplantation and minimally invasive technologies" won the Award Nomination of the Third China Quality Award, which was the first time that Hubei medical institutions participated in the national awards competition in the field of quality and was nominated.

Among the 10 subjects developed by the department, general surgery, organ transplantation and urology were rated as national key subjects. Eight subjects, including general surgery, orthopedics, urology, general thoracic surgery and pediatric surgery, were evaluated as national key clinical specialties and had been awarded the National Scientific Conference Award, National Award for Science and Technology Progress and the National Award for Technological Invention.

According to the performance excellence management requirements, medical quality is not an empty concept, but a standard norm for concrete actions. Tongji Hospital is the first hospital in Asia to pass the German KTQ quality certification. The hospital has twice participated in the KTQ certification, and the operation quality management system has been highly recognized. Relevant systems have been widely used in a number of large general hospitals in China, such as Chinese PLA General Hospital and Xiangya Hospital.

In order to provide patients with high-quality and safe medical services, the department of surgery proposed the “medical quality management model based on the KTQ model, focusing on organ transplantation and minimally invasive technologies”. With the quality objective of "focusing on quality and innovation and creating world-class surgery", the quality culture of " investigating things and verity, striving for perfection, putting safety first and cooperating medicine" was constructed. Meanwhile, based on the quality management mode of KTQ, a precise medical quality management system was constructed by applying modern information technology, and a large number of sophisticated diagnostic and treatment technologies with good clinical efficacy were created, and a number of technical gaps at home and abroad were filled.

The KTQ system requires "patient-oriented" quality management. The department of surgery of Tongji Hospital has applied modern information technology to implement accurate supervision of quality. A variety of management tools have been integrated to analyze and improve the procedures of inpatient surgery, and a patient safety quality system has been established precisely.

The department of surgery also follows the enterprise management Deming circle (PDCA): planning, action, inspection and treatment, interlocking, with the help of information means, the medical security management platform before, during and after accidents is established.

The department of surgery first established the general surgical supervision department in China, which can systematically analyze the surgical procedures, establish 8 key nodes for surgery, implement node control and whole-process monitoring, ensure the standard implementation of the core medical system, and greatly reduce the incidence of errors.

In department of surgery of Tongji, "surgical classification" is an important measure to ensure the quality and safety of surgery. Hospitals are determined to perform different levels of surgery by the doctors with corresponding qualifications, and grading surgery prevents doctors from possible overstep operations.

The hospital has also established a quality and safety platform to strengthen the monitoring of medical quality, automatically report abnormal conditions and summarize experience and lessons. For example, the platform can automatically extract cases of "unplanned secondary surgery", regularly summarize and analyze common causes of unplanned secondary surgery, timely feedback analysis results, and supervise the department's targeted improvement from pre-operation, intra-operation to post-operation.

According to information, the China quality award is the national highest honor in the field of quality, which is selected every two years, aiming to recognize the organizations and individuals who have made significant innovation achievements in the field of quality management mode, management method and management system.

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