4 golds, 1 sliver, 1 bronze: HUST ranks 5th in China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition

November 14, 2018 The final of China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018 was wrapped up at Zhejiang University on November 3. The 6 teams fielded by Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) claimed 4 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze, ranking 5th in the overall standings and 1st in Hubei Province in the number of golds. With these results, HUST carried off "Winning Cup".HUST Chancellor Prof. Shao Xinyu and President Li Yuanyuan of HUST sent warm congratulations on the outstanding results at the earliest possible time, extending cordial greetings to the participating teachers, students and staff.

At the qualification stage, the participating teachers and students were involved in intense preparation and training. As the leader in charge, Liang Qian, Vice President of HUST visited them many times and offered guidance on the entries. Through intense oral defense, HUST's four projects-"M-Cloud: Smart Engine for Big Data", "Celebrity Moments: Favorable Language Cosplay Virtual Community of the 2000s Generation", "Jimu: New-generation Intelligent Driving Assistance System" and "Showmac: IOT Intelligent Connection Service Provider" claimed golds; "UVC-LED: Defining a Healthy Life from 'Core'" won a sliver; and "Star Yeah Program: Creative Program for Autistics and Their Families" pocketed a bronze.

"M-Cloud: Smart Engine for Big Data" is intended to build a smart engine for big data. It is a data processing software collection featuring data fusion and mixed architecture which can be used for mass data storage and analysis. With 26 authorized patents for invention, M-Cloud won the First Award of Hubei Province for Science & Technology Progress in 2014 and the CIE First Award for Science & Technology Progress in 2015. Academicians and industrial experts said M-Cloud is up to international leading standards in resource scheduling and data organization.

"Celebrity Moments: Favorable Language Cosplay Virtual Community of the 2000s Generation" is the world's first anonymous chat platform featuring language cosplay and number one language cosplay platform. In 2016, the company got a pre-A round financing of nearly 10 million yuan, and was designated as a key enterprise supported under Wuhan's "3551 OVC Talent Program" and a Wuhan Gazelle Enterprise.

Jimu, the developer of "Jimu: New-generation Intelligent Driving Assistance System", is an AI enterprise focusing on intelligent driving technology R&D and application. It is committed to promoting the development and popularization of intelligent driving through world leading computer vision technology. With 68 employees, it has got an A round financing of 40 million yuan led by a listed company.

Showmac Network Technology Co., Ltd., the developer of "Showmac: IOT Intelligent Connection Service Provider", is a communication service enterprise committed to providing all-round secure wide-area IOT connection solutions for intelligent hardware. It got an A round financing of tens of millions of yuan in early 2018, was honored as an "outstanding enterprise" at Advanced Technology Session of Demo China Spring Summit 2017, and won the ARM Accelerator Camp Best Innovation Award in 2018.

"UVC-LED: Defining a Healthy Life from 'Core'" develops UVC-LED chips with independent intellectual property rights. Based on UVC-LED's feature of broad-spectrum sterilization, the products can be widely applied in the field of broad health life, push forward the process of Chinese "chips" and improve the life quality of all mankind.

Based on needs of autistics and their families, "Star Yeah Program: Creative Program for Autistics and Their Families" gains revenues in the forms of product manufacturing, processing and sales to support autistics and their families, thereby creating a sustainable closed loop model for philanthropy.

The competition was hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Association for Science and Technology, the All-China Students' Federation and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, and organized by Zhejiang University and the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. With the theme "Youth Innovation, New Era", the competition implemented a three-level system (university, province, country), and received more than 150,000 entries from more than 1 million college students at over 2,200 domestic universities. Eventually 369 entries from 197 universities, including those in Hong Kong and Macao, were shortlisted for the final.

The competition has been held three times since 2014. HUST has won the "Champion Cup" once, "Winning Cup" twice and 12 gold awards.

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