A global community in shared pursuit of excellence-HUST International Day 2018

December 4, 2018 (Reporter: Niu Xiaodan Correspondent: Peng Yumeng) On December 1, the 1st International Day of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) took place at the square of South Gate 1. The international cooperation & exchange exhibition, the tailored overseas project presentation, the novel and interesting culture exhibition, and the dazzling art shows of Chinese and foreign students attracted flocks of Chinese and international students.

Among 2,000 attendees were University Chancellor Prof. Shao Xinyu and Vice President Chen Jianguo of HUST; John Brender, Director of the Confucius Institute at Wayne State University (WSU); heads of administration departments, schools and departments of HUST; as well as Chinese and foreign faculty, staff and students. Chen presided over the opening ceremony.

On behalf of HUST, Shao extended warm welcome and cordial greetings to the guests present. HUST has set the goal of building an outstanding university in the new era, and internationalization is an important path to achieve the goal. In the past more than 60 years, HUST has advanced with the times, integrated itself into national strategies, and made persistent efforts to build an outstanding international university, said him.

The event is themed "A global community in shared pursuit of excellence", which shows the common goal and vision of all HUST people, as well as HUST's strong determination to build a world top university with Chinese characteristics. In the future, HUST will advance its international strategic partner program, international talent training program, high-level research cooperation program and comprehensive international influence enhancement program, and keep enhancing its international appeal, its students' international competence, its scholars' international competitiveness and its international academic influence, to form the international brand of HUST, said Shao.

Supported by the scholarship, many students of the WSU Confucius Institute have come to China and studied at HUST, to promote sino-foreign cultural exchanges and the friendship between Chinese students and foreign students. This is the power and charm of cross-cultural communication, said Dr. John Brander in his address.

At the opening ceremony, the representatives of Chinese and foreign students also shared their feelings of studying at HUST.

The activities of International Day are spectacular. At "Strive for Excellence"-International Cooperation and Exchange Exhibition, more than 40 display boards introduce HUST's international cooperation and exchange efforts from the perspectives of international talent training, international research cooperation, expert introduction, international students, Confucius Institute construction, serving the "Belt and Road" initiative and "double first-class discipline" construction. At "Show Time"-International Art Show, Chinese and foreign students from 12 countries presented a variety of shows, including dance, song, instrument and fashion. At "Discover the World"-International Culture Exhibition, teachers and students from around the world displayed cultural traditions and delicacies in respective countries. "Get to know more"-Overseas Program Exhibition presented HUST's tailored international exchange programs.

Around December 1, a series of lectures will be held under the theme of "Top Talk", to lead Chinese and foreign students in traveling around the world, listening to views of domestic and foreign masters, feeling the charm of China in the building of a community of shared future for the future and discuss win-win cooperation in "Belt and Road" construction.

According to a head of the International Exchange Office, with focus on achievement presentation, information publicity and culture & art, in forms such as Chinese and foreign culture exchange and presentation, international cooperation achievement exchange, international exchange program exhibition and international exchange lecture, the event aims to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and foreign teachers and students, promote international school and department exchanges, create a favorable international atmosphere, enhance HUST's international influence, and further promote the international cooperation and exchange efforts of HUST and the construction of "double first-class disciplines".

According to the feedback of the students attended, as the first International Day of HUST, the event vividly displayed the charm of HUST's international exchanges and cooperation, greatly enhanced the international atmosphere of HUST and made HUST more international.

The event was hosted by the International Exchange Office, organized by the School of International Education and the School of Foreign Languages, and co-organized by the Art Education Center, the Publicity Department of the Party Committee, the Youth League Committee, the Security Office, the Logistics Group and the Library.

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