HUST Held 2019 New Year Concert at Qintai Concert Hall

January 3, 2019 (Reporter: Su Xiaoli Reporters Corps: Ma Huipeng) On the evening of December 28, melodious music and singing echoed in Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall. It was the New Year concert organized by Art Education Center of HUST. Li Yuanyuan, Ma Jianhui, Chen Jianguo, Liang Qian, Xie Xiaolin and other university leaders, along with teachers and students, enjoyed the wonderful symphonies and celebrated New Year together.

Conducted by Federico Cortese, the music director of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, the HUST symphony orchestra performed classical foreign works, such as   Academic Festical Overture, Silent Woods, Waltz of the Flowers and The Blue Danube, and Chinese style works, such as Saibei Dance and Huabangzi.

Qin Tian, a singer and former student of HUST, sang the song titled I Love You, China and his singing was so inspiring and emotional that touched the heart of every one of the audience. Jiang Kemei, a huqin performer, played the erhu, showing the unique charm of the Chinese musical instrument. She performed “Horse Racing” and pushed the concert to a climax. The bow and strings worked together harmoniously to present a scene of horses galloping in jubilation along the racetrack, winning thunderous applause from the audience. The cello playing of Zhang Yingying sounded relaxing and refreshing. All the musical pieces inspired all HUST teachers and students to greet the arrival of the new year and continue to forge ahead in a more vigorous and confident manner.

After the concert ended, the university leaders came to the backstage and visited the performers. On behalf of the university, President Li Yuanyuan thanked the students for their hard work and congratulated them on their brilliant performances. He said that the students showed high levels of skill and their performances were highly acclaimed by the audience. Li Yuanyuan also said that the university will further strengthen its art education in terms of the organizational structure and institutional mechanism so that the mind of every HUST student can be nourished by the beauty of art.

            Photos taken by Reporter Xin Guosheng and Correspondents Yang Long and Li Hui

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