HUST Delegation Visited Partner Universities in Japan and Singapore

December 20, 2018 From December 7 to 14, 2018, a delegation led by Vice President Prof. Zhang Xinliang visited Japan and Singapore

The delegation visited Hokkaido University, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo), Meijo University and National University of Singapore (NUS). Zhang delivered a keynote speech titled "Seeking dream co-builders". He introduced HUST's development, research platform construction and policy advantage in talent introduction in recent year. During the visit, the delegation also called on a number of world-renowned scholars, including Prof. Mitsuo Mizoguchi, Vice President of Muroran Institute of Technology; Ge Hanbin, Member of the Engineering Academy of Japan and Professor at Meijo University; Yang Daiwen, Professor at NUS and Liu Yu, Professor at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The delegation communicated with more than 200 outstanding overseas young scholars from UTokyo, Kyoto University, NUS, NTU, Hokkaido University and other world top universities. alent Office and the International Exchange Center participated in relevant activities.

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