HUST Delegeation visits Laos and Thailand

March 21, 2019 To advance cooperation with universities in ASEAN countries, a delegation led by Xu Xiaodong, Vice President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) visited Laos and Thailand in early March.

In Laos, the delegation visited Laos's Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), Public Administration Research and Training Institute (PARTI) and National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA). Lao Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Khamman Sounvileurth and Chinese Ambassador to Laos Mr.Jiang Zaidong met with the delegation. Xu introduced HUST and its achievements in international cooperation. China-Laos cooperation is of demonstrative and strategic significance to building a community of shared future for mankind, said Jiang, pledging that the ambassador would strongly support the educational and academic cooperation between HUST and relevant Lao institutions. The two sides agreed on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the "Belt and Road" context, and reached consensus on cooperating in fields such as public servant training, academic seminars, public administration research and degree programs.

Lao Home Minister of Home Affairs Khamman Sounvileurth meets with the HUST delegation

The delegation attended the "China-Laos Seminar on Public Service Administration and Management in the New Period" organized by MOHA, with the participation of 45 representatives from Laos. Tang Na from the College of Public Administration (CPA), HUST delivered a keynote speech titled "Medical Reform of a Great Power: Chinese History of Public Hospital Development"; Lan Xingxing, Director of the International Student Office, HUST introduced HUST's foreign student recruitment and training.

Upon arrival in Thailand, the delegation visited Khon Kaen University (KKU), National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (SSRU). At KKU, the two sides exchanged ideas on personnel exchange, research cooperation, academic information sharing and other issues in relevant fields, and discussed specific cooperative projects with the College of Local Administration (COLA) and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, KKU.

HUST and NIDA sign an MOU

At NIDA, Xu and Kamphol Panyagometh, President of NIDA signed an MOU. Under the MOU, the two sides will cooperate in student exchange, teacher and researcher exchange, academic program research, academic data sharing and other fields.

Korn Dabbaransi meets with the HUST delegation

At SSRU, Korn Dabbaransi, President of the Council, President of the Thai-Chinese Relationship Association and Former Thai Prime Minister met with the delegation. Xu introduced HUST's teaching and research conditions in fields such as public health, energy and environment. Dabbaransi expected that the two sides would cooperate in clean energy and environmental technology, and establish longstanding cooperative relations, to jointly cultivate more top international talents and make more technology achievements influencing mankind.

Among other delegation members were Prof. Huang Dong, Director of the ASEAN Research Center and Associate Professor Xu Wanxiao at CPA.

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