Prof. Asenov appointed as consulting professor

March 20, 2019 (Correspondent Wang Xingsheng) On March 14, Prof. Asen Asenov of the University of Glasgow (UofG) was appointed as a consulting professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Xu Xiaodong, Vice President of HUST; He Gang, Deputy Director of the International Exchange Center; Dean Prof. Tang Jiang and Vice Dean Prof. Miu Xiangshui of the School of Optical and Electronic Information (OEI); as well as Professor Wang Xingsheng of OEI attended the appointment ceremony. Tang presided over the ceremony and presented the letter of appointment to Asenov.

At the ceremony, Xu welcomed Asenov, introduced HUST and OEI, as well as HUST's advantage in microelectronic research. He said that Asenov could strengthen the research team of HUST, improve its research level and expand its academic influence. Miu introduced Asenov's academic achievements and thanked him for his long-term support to HUST's disciplinary development; Asenov started with human destiny and world technical changes, fully evaluated the impact of semiconductor technology development on HUST's disciplinary development, stressed that China was undergoing earthshaking changes and keeping pace with the world in terms of technology. "If I were 30 years old younger, I must work in China," said him. He fully recognized the research findings of OEI and Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics in recent years, said he was honored to be appointed as a consulting professor of HUST, promised to do this job well and expected to work hard to promote HUST-UofG cooperation.

Then Asenov listened to the reports of students at the Institute of Information Storage Materials and Devices (ISMD) on NCFET and new storage research in South Building 5, gave instructions and answered students' questions.

At last, Asenov introduced his work and research team at UofG, as well as their research on device modeling and random fluctuation in device scaling down. Then he answered questions from teachers and students. The academic exchange further promoted HUST-UofG microelectronic cooperation and exchanges.

Prof. Asen Asenov is an IEEE fellow, a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a James Watt chair professor at the University of Glasgow and the leader of Glasgow Device Modelling Group. He directed the development of quantum mechanical, Monte Carlo and classical models and tools, and applied them in the design of advanced and novel CMOS devices. He has published more than 650 papers on Nature, Science, IEE EDL, TED and IEDM, received over 11,000 Google Scholar citations and has an H-index of 49.

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